Putting Out Fires With Sound

Putting Out Fires With Sound

Being a fire extinguisher store as you might expect we like to keep up with the latest trends in fire fighting technology. We have stumbled across this new device in development in the US.

The two students studying at George Mason University in Virginia have invented what might be the most unique extinguisher we have recently seen.

Anyone that has put a lit candle in front of a speaker will know that the flame will dance and sometimes extinguish when there is a section of base. This project takes it to the next level by focusing those low frequency sound waves and directing it towards a fire.

Demonstrated in the video below, the cylindrical device, smaller than many more traditional fire extinguishers, is held about a foot away from flames and immediately snuffs them out.

[youtube video_id=”uPVQMZ4ikvM” width=”0″ height=”0″ ]

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